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Telstra Foundation

A digital helping hand to those in need.


We placed our users at the heart of the process.

The Telstra Foundation – run by Telstra, helps grassroots community organisations by providing over one million dollars in grants for digital and social innovation each year.

The Foundation had a problem because the process of applying, processing, selecting and paying the grants was manual, time consuming and complicated.

We placed our users at the heart of the process – simplifying the steps, automating processes and integrating the platform with Telstra's payment system to help create a seamless experience.

The Foundation now has a digital platform and website with a fully-integrated end user CMS. The platform performs a range of automated processes which were done manually like verifying the details of applicants, pre-screening the completeness and compliance of the application, notifications and reminders and integration of social media feeds and functionality.

The platform was one of the first to enabled secure verification against the Australian Taxation Office database of registered not for profits to save mistakes, as well as integration with Telstra’s payment system, to automate and speed up grant payments.

Not only does Telstra Kids Fund platform look great, it also saved the Foundation over 100 working days of administration each year, it generates a constant flow of social media content which promotes the fund's work and it has allowed the program to be more inclusive for all divisions, departments and regions in Australia.

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