The vulnerable creative.


If you've ever joined us for Friday social drinks, you might have heard us refer to ourselves as a collective of deeply insecure individuals.

It got us thinking about RUOK day that just passed and how we should use the day as a reminder to always check in on our fellow creatives.

You see, as creatives, we're only as good as the last piece of work we produce. We spend countless hours deep in thought, going to mysterious dark places – desperately trying to find the answer to solve that problem. And when we think we've cracked it, we decide we hate it and start again. Do this several times and then take your idea, present it to a room of high powered suits and you've got the magic formula for nail-biting, sweat-drenched insecurity. Did we get it right? It's crap! I hate it! No, it's bloody brilliant! They're going to love it – Yada yada. You get the dance.

We want to recognise the effort that all creatives make to help their clients achieve their business goals. You see, clients see the tools we use – the pens, laptops, whiteboards and the training. But they don't see the creative mind at work.

As creatives, we need to protect and nurture the creative brain. We need to value it more and understand the ways to get the best out of it. And trust me, it's not about asking it to do more in less time. Creativity comes from a happy calm place. It's the mind firing on all cylinders, allowing itself to ponder and think playfully. 

So, we’re reaching out to all those amazing creatives out there and giving you a virtual supporting hug – It’s our little check-in to make sure you’re ok. Know this, if you’re chewing your nails right now doubting your ability and questioning why you ever got into this career, don't worry; you've got this.

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