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A road trip into the future.


Who doesn't like a road trip?

Asking busy farmers to take a little time out of their day to think about their future is not the easiest thing to do. So rather than talking about how CommBank could help farmers plan for their future, we imagined what the farm of the future would look like and brought it to life in a virtual reality road show.

Our Farm of the future looked at the impacts of artificial intelligence, water management, global food trends and industry disruption and showed how the farm of tomorrow is well equiped to deal with these challenges.

We created a series of live performances, immersing our audiences in a 360 degree farming experience where drones, satellites and artificial intelligence came together to transform everyday farming decisions. Access to immediate information and expert advice demonstrated how a farm could pivot quickly in an ever changing global environment.

We positioned CommBank as a true business partner – one that utilised global reach and expertise to help Farmers make fast decisions with the facts at their fingertips. The road trip has been such a success, CommBank has decided to extend it's road trip for another 12 months.