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Four shades of green: Establishing turf personas


Taking the guesswork out of choosing your grass variety.

We’ve all been there before, deciding to fix up our lawn, being overwhelmed by the variety of grass types available and not knowing what is appropriate for our place.

Depending on where you go, you’re likely to hear a number of conflicting opinions. It can all be a bit overwhelming. We were asked to help TurfBreed explain in a simple and clear way the difference in grass varieties.  

We decided to look at grass through the user's eyes. Rather than talking about blade thickness, shade tolerance or soil type we took the relatable route. Taking the benefits of the grass and demonstrating its usefulness to the appropriate audience. This helped us create a series of easy-to-understand scenarios that any potential customer could relate to.


Each grass had a simple proposition to support its claim.

For Empire Zoysia it was: ‘Stunning to look at, easy to keep’. For Empire Zoysia: a gorgeous looking grass that’s easy to maintain, we developed a video story that showcased the lawns ability to maintain its beauty even when ignored.

TurfBreed’s key grasses, those which deliver the majority of sales, was our first focus: we brought Empire Zoysia, Prestige, Sapphire and Palmetto to life through consumer-focused images and video. This allowed consumers to quickly understand the benefits of each grass variety and how they will work for their lifestyle. This simplifies the user experience for the customer, reduces bounce rate and delivers more inquiries to growers.

All these assets were designed for multiple purpose use, including printed material, ads, social content, digital re-marketing and Youtube videos. 

We had a field day helping My Home Turf put a friendly face to grass varieties.