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Four shades of green: Establishing turf personas


Our challenge was to give My Home Turf a human face and present it as a lifestyle brand that customers could relate to.

TurfBreed, represented by My Home Turf, is the largest collective of turf growers in the country.

We needed to create a hub people would visit for advice, inspiration, and ultimately, for purchasing turf. 

Most people have trouble telling one kind of grass from another. That’s why we went about creating a story and persona through videography and photography for each turf variety. An emotional connection would make it easier for customers to distinguish between varieties and make a decision.

For Empire Zoysia, we crafted a story through photos and video of a mum coming home from a business trip in time for her young daughter’s party.

The positioning statement, ‘Stunning to look at, easy to keep’, communicated that this grass always looks good – it’s a no-fuss solution. We highlighted this with colourful props like balloons and party banners, and warm lighting. We also reflected this with wardrobe, making use of muted colours and neat clothing. Mum’s corporate outfit and her daughter’s unicorn costume made it easy for the audience to identify the nature of their relationship.


Using appropriate locations, talent, wardrobe and props, we created assets for three other turf varieties; Prestige, Sapphire and Palmetto.

These are all types of Buffalo grass, making it essential for us to provide a personality and point of distinction between them for customers. 

In developing the assets, we ensured they were versatile and adaptable for different channels. The content has so far appeared on the My Home Turf website and social media profiles, and in brochures and magazines. 

The assets we created have given My Home Turf a friendly and relatable face, and helped in launching the new website and expanding the brand’s presence. The new creative has led to rise in turf sales, and our client’s social media community is blossoming.