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De’Longhi machines don’t make the moment, they make the moment possible.

If your daily dose of coffee is as important an occasion as ours, then you’ll be interested in this little case study.

De’Longhi – an Italian appliance company that makes (among other things) domestic coffee appliances wanted Focus to help them showcase their coffee expertise.

We started by watching coffee drinkers. We drank with them, sat near them, sat far away from them, all the while we observed their behaviours. What we found was a cracking little insight – great coffee helped complete a great moment. It wasn’t the coffee that made the moment, but it certainly helped complete it. The moments were very personal and diverse.

We took this insight and explained why only De’Longhi could provide a machine to complete the moment. We highlighted De’Longhi’s versatility – from one touch operation to choice of coffee type. We created stories that showcased the machine facilitating the moments – from the socialising with friends moments to the quiet introspective moments. With a range of additional supporting collateral this campaign hit all relavant touch points.

We racked up some impressive numbers. 419,696 video views. 211,683 clicks to the landing page, an increase in De'Longhi's share of the coffee category market by 4.2%, and 250 people attending stores for a demonstration.