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Marketing Health Check

Exclusive price for Turfbreed Growers $5,000 (not including GST)

Valued at $9,600


Access the skills and knowledge of marketing professionals who know your industry.

This offer is available to all members of the TurfBreed Community.

This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the intellectual property of experts in both marketing and the turf industry to help strengthen your business – or reaffirm the choices you have made.

Your information will not shared with anyone else.

Your information will not be shared with other growers, MyHomeTurf or TurfBreed itself. This is a completely confidential process, and Focus Creative will sign an NDA for each business.


How does it work?


1. Engage

We start with a 1-on-1 call or meeting to gain an understanding of where your business is at and what your plans are. If you are running more than one business, each business will be reviewed separately. However, general recommendations may be made to help across all your businesses.


2. Review

Focus Creative will review the components of your marketing mix. This is likely to include your website, ads and collateral you have, and any other assets. We will also review your marketing spend.


3. Recommend

After we engage with you and review your business, we will provide you with a simple and easy to implement set of recommendations, specifically crafted for you. Your review includes a 30 minute Zoom call where we will talk through our recommendations with you.


What do we review?

The best way to give you recommendations to elevate your marketing plan is to understand your business. We look at where you are across a number of channels, and then work with you to establish ways to enhance what you do.








Programmatic ads







Yellow pages 





Will MyHomeTurf receive information on our company?

Your information will not be shared with My Home Turf, Turf Breed, or any other growers. This is your own and we will sign an NDA for each business.

I have multiple businesses, will this cover all of them?

Focus Creative will audit each business separately. If you have more than one business, you’ll need to have a review done for each one.

What happens my business is performing optimally and you have no recommendations?

We are confident that we can provide suggestions and ideas to improve your business. In the unlikely event that there are no recommendations to be made, this will be confirmation that you are doing the right thing from a marketing perspective.

What happens next?

Focus Creative provides you with a scorecard and recommendations. It is up to you to implement and prioritise these.

What if my results are similar to someone else’s?

Focus Creative will assess each business based on its own unique marketing activity and needs. It is unlikely the outcome/s will be identical.


Things to think about

Download our PDF guide to find out exactly what our process is for reviewing your business' marketing, and how we come up with a specialised plan to suit your needs.


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