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Stillbirth Foundation Australia

Spreading the word to prevent stillbirth.


Six babies are stillborn in Australia every single day. It's a tragedy that touches many, yet we rarely hear about it.

Australian research confirms that up to 10% of stillbirths in Australia could be stopped if pregnant mothers slept on their side during the third trimester of pregnancy.

We set out to make this message common knowledge. Because of the sensitive subject matter, our campaign consisted of a two phased education approach.

In the first phase, we launched a video to explain the results of the research quoted above. The video revealed that the study was funded by parents who had lost a child to stillbirth and that the findings were the legacy of these children. This video was shared in the stillbirth community via social media and direct email in advance of the public campaign.

Phase two, the public part of our campaign, centred around the message 'Settle to sleep on your side'. We crafted a short video to demonstrate this. To spread the message effectively, we partnered with Mamamia, who agreed to write and host an article which linked to our video. The article listed tips to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy, which allowed us to keep the content light, while at the same time giving clear recommendations.

The videos racked up 667,000 views, 195 comments, and 125 shares, spreading awareness about this important topic to a large number of people.