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Uniting a collective of grass growing farmers to transform their businesses.

TurfBreed, represented by My Home Turf, is Australia’s largest collective of Turf Growers. The historical problem has been that growers acted as independent businesses and not part of a collective.

There are 95 growers each with their own marketing approach and supporting websites. The 13 different ‘shared’ websites covered: community forums, advice, specific breed types with 9 breeds of grass across 6 states, a grass profile site, a directory of Growers and an online community. 


We needed to bring this collection of passionate Growers into one cohesive marketing machine.

To do this we consolidated all 13 digital platforms into a single website, designed to provide three primary objectives for the end customer: find the best grass variety for their needs, secure 3 independent quotes through one quote request and find a Grower in their local area.

The consolidation concentrated web traffic to one location, where customers were able to be presented with clear calls-to-action. Quote requests were able to be automatically and anonymously sent to the closest growers. With customers already having a price expectation set, it ensured that service and value were the focus. 

The integration of SalesForce into the back-end means that customers are getting up-to-date information based on which growers have turf immediately available, providing faster response rates. 

The results to date have been outstanding. With the new website delivering a vastly superior customer experience and an AdWords strategy driving quality leads to the new My Home Turf’s website. Traffic in the first four weeks was over 50,000 visits and 1,000 enquiries. 

This was all achieved without any Growers undercutting (sorry, had to use that one) the other.